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ROXY restored from the ground

One of the best-known Prague club got a new visual identity created by Visualio. We redesigned the websites and refined the curves of ROXY and NoD logo as well.

Logo redesign

Pleasant serifs

Filip Matějíček, the member of Heavyweight studio, has smoothed out the logotypes. We cured the unattractive serifs, balanced the kerning and unified the logo with the corporate font. The infinity sign also needed a touch of a precise hand.

Complete visual identity is guided by the Filip Matějíček's PANO font. The solid Czech font provides ROXY a memorable look.

Logo refresh
Pano Font / What's inside

Roxy is one of Prague’s oldest and best-known clubs, and over the years has attracted big name DJ’s as well as bands. The slightly dilapidated in terior and big open spaces gives Roxy more of a warehouse feel than a modern club, the rawness of it fitting the style of music. The dance floor is large, and there is cool lighting and video projections. You need to experience this!

The Kills
Poster showcase
Poster showcase
Poster showcase
Poster showcase
ředitel Roxy Jaroslav Stanko
When we were searching for a studio creating the new websites of the ROXY club, our demand was a simple functional design which is also tempting and fresh. Visualio satisfied both – the expectations of the visual side and the increase of traffic, which was our second goal. We keep on cooperating in designing the new websites of NoD.

Jaroslav Stanko

the director of Roxy

visual identity

Day & Night

Our stance is that a good design shouldn’t distract, it should turn the attention to what is important. That’s why we have chosen a combination of black background and white luminescent text. Particular events blaze in various colours and soften up the dark face of the websites.

The NoD visual identity is exactly the opposite. The websites, the programme and the visual components are immersed in white.

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U Jezulátka

Playful and fresh logotype

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