Kavárna Štěstí


Happy to design happiness

We were the lucky ones who get the opportunity to compose this special project. What was the mission? To create fresh and clear websites which is based on typical graphics related to the lottery. But above all - to communicate the incoming concept of the café.

This is the outcome. We drew up wireframes, designed every single page and set up order forms and complete customer website service. In short - we did our best to let every visitor float on a fluffy lucky cloud.


Uplifting and adaptable

It doesn’t matter if you visit the websites from your mobile phone, desktop or tablet. The feeling is always the same – clear, airy and responsive. The layout response to the size of your device and stays perfectly organised in every little detail.

Captive Portal

Pleasant greeting

What happens when you come to the Lucky café? There’s a pleasant environment waiting for you not only in the real space but also in the digital. If you want to go online and order by a special app or check your emails during the coffee break, it’s the captive portal we designed who will greet you delightedly.


Ordering easy and comfy

Order your coffee for a specific time and pick it up on the way to your work. Do you prefer having a rest in the café? Choose your favourite products and make an order simply by your table. Thanks to a special app we created it’s now possible.